Moscow strikes NATO supplied Tanks to Ukraine, huge ‘Mushroom’ in Dnepropetrovsk


A colossal “mushroom” of fire was created in Dnepropetrovsk during Russian airstrikes. According to newer Russian reports, Western tanks and armored vehicles were hit.

Russia launched the unprecedented attack on Friday night. The attack lasted several hours until Saturday morning.

Local residents had reported from the first moment that something very big had hit, stressing that the explosion “shaken the entire region (oblast)”.

The Russian offensive was mainly focused on the Dnieper and Dnepropetrovsk. Ukrainian reserves, weapons and ammunition depots were hit.

The Russians say the huge mushroom of fire came from blowing up a warehouse and a train that had arrived in the settlement of Novomoskovsk and was loaded with Western armored vehicles, tanks, fuel and other war materials.

There are reports that the Russians used false targets to mislead Ukraine’s air defenses.

The Russians hit a weapons depot belonging to one of the formations of the Ukrainian National Guard as well as two more targets in Dnepropetrovsk (Dnepr) which are related to the activities of the headquarters of the Ukrainian security forces.

Within hours, kamikaze drones destroyed critical Ukrainian infrastructure in the Dnepropetrovsk region as well as the settlement of Novomoskovsk.

This area is an important railway hub that provides the possibility of transporting fuel, weapons, equipment and personnel of the Ukrainian army to the Donbass and Zaporizhzhya regions.

The Russians hit a warehouse where military equipment was unloaded hours earlier including, possibly, Leopard 2 tanks brought in from western Ukraine.

They specifically mention:

“Unmanned aerial vehicles hit targets in Novomoskovsk settlement. At the same time, a major railway junction was hit, where a train loaded with Western armored vehicles and probably Leopard 2 tanks from Poland arrived a few hours before the mass attack.

In videos taken by local residents, you can see the consequences of the beating.