Moscow: US Cheered storming of Ukrainian Parliament with AK47s, but condemns unarmed Macedonians?


Russian media is analyzing the Western double standards employed around the world when it comes to ‘regime change’ particularly instigated by Washington and Brussels.

Over the past 5 years, we have seen numerous successful and failed coups around the world. The most publicly scrutinized was of course the Ukrainian coup, fevereshly supported by Washington and Brussels to the tune of $6 Billion.

Russian state TV is discussing the latest coup in Macedonia and compares the outrageous double standard employed by the US and EU when it comes to Ukraine and Macedonia.

In Ukraine, high ranking US State Department officials in front of cameras urged Ukrainian Neo Nazis to arm themselves with AK47s and storm parliament. We all know how that ended and where is Ukraine today. But all of this is acceptable and democratic for Washington and Brussels. According to them, in Ukraine, people were allowed to express their anger, simply because the West is behind the coup, financially and operationally.

When similar coup was underway in Macedonia and unarmed Macedonians stormed Parliament to prevent it, Washington and Brussels condemned the protesters and their right to prevent the illegal installation of an official, outside of the legal framework. But since the US and EU were behind the coup, they are not interested in anyone preventing their regime change.

After the illegal appointment, the new speaker placed not just the albanian, but the flags of his backers (US and EU) in Parliament.

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