Moscow will not recognize renaming of Macedonia by Government junta


A tweet by the Russian Embassy in Macedonia stated official Moscow position is that it will not recognize the renaming of Macedonia as it goes contrary to the will of the people clearly shown in the referendum boycotted on September 30th.

Moscow will block any move at the UN to rename the country.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    God bless Mother Russia

  • Tony

    Thank you to my brother Russians

  • V.M.

    Russia is the only sane country left on Earth.

  • Macedonian Forever

    If this is true then I applaud Russia for that and it would be nice to have Russia proclaim in the UN for Macedonia to be accepted by it’s true name Republic of Macedonia in the UN by everyone Then we can see who will be against .

  • Taylor

    THANK GOD FOR RUSSIA!!!!! AMEN! I would rather be siding with Putin than allowing a Greek put their fist up our asses and bend their treacherous ways along with America and Germanys help that Greeks have had an easy ride mutilating and manipulating the “Macedonians right”