Hardened VMRO Supporters admit: They Sold us out


Macedonia’s two most popular journalists, Mirka Velinovska and Milenko Nedelkovski in their latest columns both came to the same conclusion: The fake patriots in VMRO-DPMNE sold out the country and their people.

“According to all parameters of international and local laws, Macedonia saw a putsch in which illegitimate speaker of Parliament was installed, outside of all rules and regulations. We have to admit, this was accomplished with major assistance from the VMRO-DPMNE” says Nedelkovski in his column.

“You don’t have to have an impressive IQ to understand this was done for two reasons: quickly change the country’s name so NATO can usurp Macedonia too.”

Mirka Velinovska agreed, stating all Macedonian institutions have been revoked and suspended.

“Now, Jess Baily and Mitko Burcevski, the two US Deep State representatives are in charge of Macedonia. Zaev’s next moves will be very dependent on what Baily and Burcevski say”, adds Nedelkovski.

Both journalists foresee mass arrests of people that the SDS and the US Embassy deem to be their ‘enemies’, as for local or any other elections, you can say goodbye to those. SDS cannot win elections, therefore there won’t be elections at least for five years, and Washington and Brussels will fully support this.

Macedonia as a country, just like in the past, can’t rely on anyone. Forget Russia who have their own issues, China (who is only interested in business) or the US which defacto is Macedonia’s enemy – says Nedelkovski.

Only the people can defend Macedonia from the foreign aggressors. They are outside. We don’t know how they will take a change of the country’s name which once again will be determined by the US Embassy.
Nedelkovski adds, any sort of detainment of Gruevski and his team will make the US Embassy a major target, because people are not idiots, they know who is issuing orders to Zaev, Ahmeti and the SPO.

Macedonia in NATO will turn the country into a territory. Similarly to Germany, which is under US occupation since 1945 (with dozens of bases and 90,000 soldiers who commit all sorts of crimes and cannot be prosecuted.).

Nedelkovski adds, Macedonia cannot rely on Turkey for help, as Turkish assistance comes with a trojan horse, they will offer help, but only to further the islamization of the country.

In the end, the two journalists conclude, Washington has already dug Macedonia’s grave, have brought in the tombstone, they are just not sure what date to put on it.

  • Anita

    Will the real patriots please stand up (and take their country back whilst they can).

    • Goran Stavreski

      They can’t, VMRO has prevented the patriots from doing anything. In fact, Gruevski and Co. have prevented Ivanov from calling state of emergency. So this guys are no longer fake patriots but traitors.

  • Macedonian1

    Both major parties have betrayed the Macedonian people. The common fools were too busy picking which side they were on, when the truth is VMRO was/is doing the same damage as SDS, only on a slower scale. They are both rotten. Everyday It is looking like the Macedonians will pay the ultimate price….again.

  • Peter Beres

    Bye bye makedonski