MPs not accepting bribes, Zaev offers conditional early elections


The latest offer from SDSM to VMRO-DPMNE is the formation of a Przino government with a shortened mandate, according to the pro-SDSM media, adding that this is the “last offer” by the SDSM.
This offer confirms VMRO-DPMNE’s earlier information that Zaev’s attempts to bribe and blackmail their deputies has failed, and the government is forced to go to the polls.

The SDSM sent a “final offer” for early parliamentary elections utilizing the Przino agreement, but with shortened mandates of 45 or 60 days, the pro-government media said, according to well-informed sources.

The 45/60 days will not give the opposition any time to consolidate the police ranks (Zaev has hired over 200 criminals who now wear police badges and are in large part responsible for organizing fraud at the polls).

VMRO-DPMNE has no commented on this information, it wouldn’t confirm or deny it.

A new parliamentary session was confirmed on October 15, Monday, but so far the possibility of dissolution of Parliament and proclamation of early elections is not in the agenda.

Negotiations are still ongoing, and there have been meetings between party leaders. This morning, the parliamentary groups did not discuss the negotiations and have now been left to a political decision within the parties.

The latest proposal by VMRO-DPMNE is that the prime minister publicly renounce the agreement with Greece, go to the polls, and after the elections, a new Public Prosecutor’s Office will be formed to replace the SPO which in the eyes of the public is an extended hand of the US Embassy and the SDSM.

  • Maco

    I hope dpmne do not fall for this. It is zaevs plan to have the greek agreement in place by the end of the year, thats why he has offered 45 to 60 days. Like the local elections and the referendum the federal election will be rigged. Don’t be surprised that despite being hated by most macedonians he will probably win with more than two thirds majority in parliament so that he can change the constitution at will. DPMNE need to be firm – 100 days and all conditions in the prizno agreement.

    • Legenda Patriot

      Get the fuc..king. guillotine now!!!!!!

  • Golden shekels

    Let me make a statement to all those Macedonian who know these dpme politicians personalty to make it clear to them you are either for Macedonia or not if you are not exile or execution for treason.if we have no rights now who do you think will save us the Albanians ,Greeks Serbs Bulgars EU NATO i dont think so, you dont need to look back to far in in history to find any friends we dont have any. lets stand up now.none of theses pharasitical entity are worth being a part of

  • Jole

    I have said it many times, how stupid do they think the people are & get the assasins out these retarded scum should be out permanently starting with mericans, lymies & all the eu faciests. Enough has been said time is now to act, cuz none can be trusted.