Mr Bean Taravari: Greek bus accident, amputated hand, no wait, is it our Bus?


SDS run portal “Libertas” reported on a bus accident. “It was a Greek bus with Greek license plates, we have confirmation from MVR” reported Libertas, and you’d think they would right on the money as their people are running the show now.

But no, it was a Macedonian bus.

Then, a second SDS run portal reported a child was left without a hand, and had his hand amputated, quoting Health Minister Taravari.  Well, this too was wrong. The child did not have his hand amputated.

Meanwhile, Mr Bean Taravari, has spent nearly two months after his appointment as a “Health Minister” outside the country. He was appointed two months ago.

From Amsterday, Taravari says the situation is under control, every second of his very being the Health Minister is spending on the well being of all patients, of course, via Amsterday.

Skype can do wonders nowdays.