Name change by end of year? Sputnik says Macedonia to enter NATO in 2018


NATO plans to admit Macedonia as a full-fledged member by the spring of 2018, a source close to the country’s accession talks with NATO has told Sputnik.

“The NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenber, is planning on visiting Skopje by mid-July at the latest and discussing the prospect. NATO’s goal is Macedonia to become its member by the spring of 2018,” the source told the Russian news service.

The United States are actively engaged on the matter, according to the source.

“The US Ambassador in Skopje held yesterday a meeting with the Minister of Defense and the issue was discussed,” it stated.

The Republic of Macedonia has met all the conditions to join NATO before 2008, however Greece has blocked it.

Macedonia’s PM Zoran Zaev on Monday will meet with Stoltengerg at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.

  • LXV

    It’s a done deal. Do you remember when Crpko Zekoli walked across the border to Yunanistan a few years ago? Now you know why…