Nathalie Goulet’s flip-flops irritate the international community


The French senator and former vice-president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the High Assembly, changes her position as often as her shirts. 

Yesterday pro-Iranian, today she is one of the greatest defenders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. An incoherence that annoys many diplomatic strongholds in the world and intrigues the elite all the way to the top of the Elysée. 

Enlightenment on one of the most troubled characters on the French political scene. What game is she playing? This is the question that haunts many embassies around the world, starting with Tehran, which is surprised by the frequent mind-set changes of the French Senator, one of the most active French parliamentarians in international politics. Vice-Chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Committee for several years, she now chairs the very influential FranceCentral Asia inter-parliamentary group. 

Nathalie Goulet’s trajectory is very difficult to decipher. One day in one camp, the next in the other, the logic of her convictions seems to be more in line with her personal and financial interests. Close to the Iranian regime in the early 2010’s, she published a book in 2012 entitled “The PMOI, a sect in the heart of the Republic.” A book totally committed to the glory of the Iranian regime. However, during the year 2015, she turned around and joined with the same fervour the intimate enemy of Tehran: Saudi Arabia.

In October 2016, the newspaper “The Jewish World” headlined: “France: Anti-Israeli Senator Nathalie Goulet accused of receiving money from Saudi Arabia”. The article reminded us that the senator questioned the French government about the tax cuts granted to French people who donate to the Israeli army” echoes the book ”Our dearest emirs”, published the same year by the authors Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot. The latter then put forward repeated requests from Nathalie Goulet to the Gulf petromonarchies to obtain funding and gifts. “An unbearable buffoonery,” she replied. However, these  allegations, which she strongly denied and for which the two journalists were convicted, have not failed to create unrest in the French Senate, where she has many enemies. 

According to our information, some services are currently taking a close interest in her links with the Saudi Wafi Foundation. It appears that the Senator has a sulfurous reputation and many pots and pans behind her. In February 2007, her husband Daniel, for whom she was the deputy for the senator’s position, disappeared in Abu Dhabi under mysterious circumstances. A strange death for which she has been held responsible by her own daughters-in-law who had filed a complaint before the investigation led to a natural death by stroke. In addition to this affair with her husband, she was disbarred from the Paris Bar between 2000 and 2011 for serious and repeated breaches of the essential principles of the profession and contrary to honour and integrity. 

Ten disciplinary cases were opened against Mrs Goulet between 1995 and 1998: they concern, among other things, a loan contracted with customers and not repaid, interference in the management of commercial affairs or the failure to defend the interests of a company after receiving an advance. In short, quite the heavy stuff.

Mrs Goulet’s close relationship with the highly controversial Ghanem Nuseibeh also irritates many at high places. The man, from the oldest Muslim dynasty in Jerusalem and living in Dubai, was even invited to the conference organized by the senator in Paris in March 2018 entitled “fight against radicalization”. These overly obvious links of proximity with the man considered as the brain of the worst intrigues for the benefit of the Saudis and the Emirates make the Quai d’Orsay and even the summit of the Elysée cough.