NATO asks Macedonian Govt junta: Do you have a general who isn’t working for foreign Govts?


Four Macedonian generals and other security officials have been denied security clearance by NATO’s HQ in Brussels for their possible appointment to the alliance.

The reason? Each Macedonian general was already documented within NATO as working for foreign Governments and the neighboring security services. The best part, this has occurred four times, and Macedonian media started reporting on it after it happened the fourth time.

Land of Traitors

MINA finds SDSM and DUI appointed Army generals receive on average three and some four monthly paychecks. Apart from getting a salary from Macedonia, they also work for Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, the US and the UK. It’s a festival.

NATO’s thinking is rather simple: If the Macedonian official spies for three countries, what stops him for spying for one more!? A year has passed, Stevo Stoka Pendarovski and Sekerinska are 0 – 4. They aren’t capable of selecting a Macedonian army official who isn’t a spy for a third country, thus the Macedonian place in Brussels is still vacant! The real question may be, are there any army officials who aren’t spying for others?

Meanwhile, Pendarovski’s appointed Director of National Intelligence Erol Musliu has refused to take a lie detector test for six years. You guessed it, he is not taking the test to confirm whether Musliu has split loyalties and works for someone else.

It appears that if you aren’t working against Macedonia in Macedonia, you’d be the one that’s insane and would immediately stand out.