NATO ‘Diplomat’ appointed by DM Jolevski asks Macedonia to be called Ilirida


Several days ago, a handful of albanian islamic radicals organized a protest by bringing several underage girls holding signs in front of the European Commission in Brussels asking for Gruevski to be jailed, as a result of the attack on MP Zijadin Sela.

Although this is certainly a wish for anyone who has worked hard against Macedonia and its national interests, the concerning fact is that the protest was organized by a Macedonian “diplomat” in NATO hired by Defense Minister Zoran Jolevski.

Contrary to Government and Foreign Affairs laws and regulations, the “diplomat” Tiron Jajaga is a foreign citizen. He holds an American citizenship and hardly speaks any Macedonian.

Jajaga is also a high ranking official in Sela’s party “Alliance for Albanians” which is also contrary to MoFA regulations.

The diplomat held a map of great Albania that incorporates territories from Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece and said he’d asked foreign diplomats to call Macedonia – Ilirida.

Thus far, MoFA has not taken any action against Tiron Jajaga, and is likely it won’t take any in the future.

It is not surprising this “diplomat” was put in his current position by DM Jolevski. MINA has identified DM Zoran Jolevski as a CIA asset since 2010 when he was recruited as the then Macedonian ambassador to the US. The VMRO-DPMNE is keenly aware of Jolevski’s association with the CIA, however they never took action to replace him.