NATO gen sec and ex KGB spy Jens Stoltenberg ignored in Stajkovci


NATO general sec, ex KGB spy codenamed “Steklov” Jens Stoltenberg visited Stajkovci today, where he told 15 people to go out and vote for North Macedonia.

Now, we can’t stress enough the significance that he was actually in Stajkovci. This would be like visiting New York city and Trump taking him outside of Queens, next to a dumpster where he’ll meet ten people.

Clearly, there was zero interest among the public about Stoltenberg’s visit, and the criminal Government junta had to think of a spot where it would be less embarrassing for him to speak, considering there would be no attendance.

Downtown Skopje was right away out of the question, it’s too big of a location.

And Stajkovci was the answer… Stajkovci! Lets not forget we’re talking about the head of NATO.
But Jens, has quite an interesting history. His moral and ethical values are so high, every imaginable foreign secret service has recruited this man in the past. This includes even the KGB, where his codename was “Strelkov”. Stoltenberg belonged to the Norwegian Communist Party for the majority of his life. Now he is a ‘westerner’ of course and shares their values.

Those values, Stoltenberg tried to sell to 15 people in Stajkovci, which the SDSM brought in two vans.
Talk about Russian meddling in Macedonia! Here is their agent Steklov and NATO gen sec. visiting Macedonia.