NATO won’t issue security clearance to Bojan Maricik and MOI’s Obidzuko Spasovski


The government has acknowledged that Maricik does not have a NATO security certificate. Soros trained Bojan Maricik is the second minister in Zaev’s junta, after Oliver Obidzuko Spasovski, who have not qualified for a NATO security certificate.

What is the reason that Maricic and Spasovski do not have certificates? Are the criminalization of the system and the large number of corruption scandals the reason?, asked the opposition.

VMRO-DPMNE: Government acknowledged that Spasovski and Maricic don’t have NATO certificate because they are corrupt

According to the main opposition party, the government must tell the citizens why the two ministers can not get a NATO certificate.

Meanwhile, Soros prostitute Bojan Maricik, has issued a decree banning the word Macedonia for NGO organizations: