NATO’s goal is not just name change, new plan will leave Macedonia defenseless


NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg today paid a visit to Macedonia in order to show support to the country’s quislings in their pursuit of a referendum aimed at destroying the Macedonian state – the goal being sometime in the future to become the 30th member of this military-fascist organization.

“Just one more step and you will enter heaven” are the messages of the machinery of the treasonous junta installed in power in Macedonia. Similar messages will be relayed by the very people who put them in power. Stoltenberg is asking Macedonians to renounce their name, nationality, language, history, traditions, culture … everything that is Macedonian, so they could enter a fascist club.

The main point of NATO is supposedly Article 5 of the NATO Treaty, in which other members in theory, will “protect every other NATO member in the event of military and / or other danger”. This, however has shown time and time again it is simply not the case in conflicts between Greece and Turkey, and most recent Russia – Turkey when Ankara shot down a Russian jet. As a matter of fact, over a dozen NATO members openly stated there is zero percent chance they will enter a war with Russia to defend Turkey or any other member nation for that matter. So much for the fascist club.

However, in order for NATO to allegedly protect you (it won’t), a nation must protect itself. This means you must have a strong military, especially when in the case of Macedonia, the imminent danger for its state and territorial sovereignty and integrity does not come from countries which are not members of the Alliance, but, on the contrary, from NATO member states (Albania, Bulgaria and Greece, and also from Kosovo, which is defacto a NATO protectorate).

While the entire Macedonian public is occupied with the upcoming referendum (which, everyone hopes will be boycotted), The Ministry of Defense led by headless chicken Radmila Sekerinska prepared a “Strategic Defense Review plan for Macedonia“, according to which Macedonia in the future will remain completely defenseless which has been NATO’s strategic goal for us since 2001, and anyone with light weaponry will be able to occupy us in not more than 48 hours!

The key parts of this new plan are points 8 and 9 (“Defense Resources (Human, Material and Financial)” and “Weapons and Arrangements Capacities”). According to the planned scheme for the decommissioning of the Macedonian defense by SDSM and DUI under orders from NATO, Macedonia will have very few soldiers and no weaponry to defend the country from any threats to its territorial integrity and sovereignty!

NATO’s undermining of Macedonia’s defensive capabilities is ongoing for 20 years

Each state has its own army and rescue force, which happened in Macedonia in 1992 under the leadership of General Mitre Arsovski. From 1992-1999 Macedonia maintained regular army of 30,000 soldiers and a reserve army of 90,000 soldiers. Never had an issue of any kind, the borders were well protected by a very capable fighting force.

Then NATO happened. Macedonia’s nightmare effectively started after it became a “NATO partner”. Since then, under insistence and orders by NATO, Macedonia first ended its mandatory military service, which in itself was a huge mistake. The fighting force was cut in half to roughly 15,000 soldiers, which again under NATO orders was cut in half once more to 7,500 in 2003. No matter what government was in place, NATO’s orders were consistently obeyed. Then it ordered Macedonia to decommission its Sukhoi fighter jets which proved incredibly effective and deadly against NATO’s proxy terrorists from Kosovo in 2001. Of course, nothing that is highly effective is allowed to be in the arsenal.

NATO’s latest plan to be implemented by Sekerinska is to reduce the Macedonian army numbers further, from 7,500 to 5,500 soldiers. That’s not all. The reserve army today doesn’t exist, it is not allowed to conduct any field/training activities since 2001. This can happen only in occupied countries. Free countries conducts training activities for its reserve army on an annual basis. The new Macedonian Army budget has not planned any money for upkeep of weaponry/transport such as BTR70s, M113s, Leonidas and whole host of other vehicles normally used by the reserve army. Most of these vehicles are not in working condition, once again this is done on purpose.

And if you think this is crazy, just wait. According to the new 2018 plan, the tank division, anti-aircraft and artillery divisions are “moved” to the reserve, which means they are being cut from the Army since the reserve doesn’t exist for 17 years.

The entire heavy weaponry that Macedonia owns will shift to those (non-existent) reserve forces, which means they are being cut. A figure that’s thrown around for reserve numbers is 16,000 (used to be 90,000), but this is hearsay.

According to the existing agreement between Macedonia and NATO for declared forces (yes, we have to declare and get our forces approved by NATO), this means that our army will have one (yes ONE) battalion mechanized infantry, that is four units of 120-130 soldiers plus one brigade of 30 armored transporters. Allegedly, 8×8 wheeled APCs were discussed, for which procurement has so far been negotiated with Israel, Turkey and Poland, but so far without a result.
Also, six to eight self-contained artillery weapons are needed, but we do not have that either, which means the Macedonian state is left to be defended only by infantry with rifles! If you know that soldiers in the infantry currently do not have boots, that they have only one pair of uniforms and (a gift from Turkey), it paints quite a scary picture about the country.

The only thing that keeps the ARM is well-trained and disciplined personnel, that is, officers who are a remnant of the first generation of the Macedonian army (early 1990s), part of heavy weapons, artillery and armored mechanized units. So, the remaining artillery is in good condition, given that our army has 108 units of 122 mm cannons with a range of 12km and 54 cannons of 105mm with a range of 11km, as well as 12 systems BM21 Grad from 122mm with 40 rockets with a range of 20km, 12 systems m63 flame 128mm with a range of 8.5km with.
Everything else is a standard defensive weapons, which Sekerinska plans on melting because it doesn’t comply with NATO.

NATO orders removal of Macedonia’s most experience fighting units

In addition, the ARM Special Operations Regiment, which is composed of the Special Purpose Unit “WOLVES”, In-depth Reconnaissance and Support Unit, as well as the anti-terror units for action “RANGERS” and the support team (equipped with armored personnel carrier BTR -80 and heavy mortars 120mm, automatic launchers of AFG-30 grenades, hand grenade launchers, heavy machine guns …) and a command post, now with the “Shekerinska reform” will disappear because “Rangers” (known for their participation in NATO- the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, together with the support team, will be canceled!

The special ops regiment was under command of the Macedonian president, however with the appointment of the new Chief of General Staff of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, Vasko Gjurcinovski, who took office last month after two years in the headquarters of NATO in Brussels, he and his “boss” Shekerinska have announced the extermination of the regiment from Ivanov’s hands, and then its dissolution.

All of this, in translation, means that Macedonia remains without firepower, and proof of this is the transfer of “rangers” to the military police.

NATO and local traitors are working around the clock to completely undermine Macedonia’s defenses at every level, so when another Kumanovo happens, there will be no one to defend it.

Estonia, which has half of Macedonia’s population, has 22,000 soldiers and 60,000 reserves.

Instead doubling and tripling Macedonia’s army (constant terrorist provocations from Kosovo, issues with Albania, Greece…) the SDS junta is erasing it, reducing it down to 5,500.

  • V.M.

    The hanging should commence in the following order:
    1. Constitutional Judges
    2. SDSM
    3. DUI
    4. DPNE
    5. All NGOs

    Only way to be free.

  • Ozzie

    I am disgusted to hear this, what Zaevs government and Nato the fascists are doing,bringing our country down!!!!!

  • strav

    Russia is worlds only saviour from the facist 4th reich nato! Stalins mistake was not pulling out the root from the facist weed from WW2!