NATO’s Stoltenberg visits Macedonia in support of referendum


In MINA’s quest to find out at which parking lot in Skopje Zaev planned on meeting NATO’s secretary Jens Stoltenberg, we find out that it won’t be a parking lot, instead Zaev will meet Stoltenberg in Stojakovo, a small suburb at the outskirts of Skopje. Zaev met Serbian president Vucic in a parking lot last week.

Stoltenberg is arriving in Skopje to give boost to Zaev’s chances of a successful referendum. Globalist puppet Angela Merkel also announced she will visit Macedonia next week in her quest to support Macedonia’s name change. Merkel destroyed Germany for good, and is now attempting to do the same to Macedonia.

Stojakovo is certainly an interesting location to welcome a NATO representative. Stojakovo’s own son, Boban Ivanovik was killed by Kosovo terrorists and their NATO (US & British ‘instructors’) in Kumanovo.

Four of the NATO terrorists were also killed by Macedonian police, a fact that was announced, then removed from the press (4 days later) after pressure from Governor Jess Baily, and once again confirmed during a Court hearing last week as the Court decided to play illegally recorded Government tapes.

Visiting Boban’s home town, will Jens Stoltenberg apologize for NATO’s terrorism in Macedonia?