Nedelkovski for Macedonia’s worms Ivanov, DPNE and SDS


Milenko’s show was shorter this time around. Posed a valid question why are worms Ivanov and the diseases DPNE and SDS still discussing integration with the 4th Reich when the people soundly rejected the EU, NATO and the State Department write-up with Greece in a Referendum! We all realize what a privilege it is to pay NATO 200m euros annual membership fee, but the people said No.

Prime Minister Baily had one role for the DPNE – to engage the public to vote “No” in the Referendum so the fascists can obtain the necessary census. But the DPNE failed in their role as controlled opposition, and had to go for option B where they washed their hands with 7 ‘renegade MPs’.

Worms! Everyone saw through their theater. Macedonians boycotted not just the fascist alliances, but the domestic political parties! Meanwhile, not a single DPNE MP has stated they’d return Macedonia’s name if they were given the opportunity. Not one.

Milenko is right, we’ve had both domestic and foreign occupations on numerous occasions over the centuries. Macedonia is under occupation by a criminal US installed fascist junta today. The most important thing is, the people through the highest constitutionally recognized vote (Referendum) said ‘No’.