New DPMNE party leader a snake oil salesman, promises EU and NATO integration


Gruevski is no more. DPMNE’s party leader stepped onto the scene in 2003 as an amateur, ironically left the helm of the party in 2017 as an amateur as well.

Hristijan Mickoski, DPMNNE’s current secretary general, has been elected Saturday for the party’s leader garnering the votes of 376 delegates.

At the party’s extraordinary congress, which took place on 23-24 December in Valandovo, 428 out of 438 present delegates participated in the voting process, which produced 52 invalid ballots.

My main goal is to consolidate the party to score a victory at the next elections, Mickoski told the gathering.

Now is the time to be united to meet the expectations and demands of VMRO-DPMNE and Macedonia. New energy is required as our citizens wish for brightness and hope while the current developments in the country bring only darkness and disappointment,’ Mickoski said.

As 6 DPMNE MPs are sitting in jail on fabricated charges, Mickoski envisages Macedonia as prosperous country of happy citizens, adding that he would work for ‘technological development, investments, better education, health care, employment rate and independent judiciary.

Continuing the tradition of idiots at the DPMNE, Mickoski proclaimed Macedonia’s future is within the EU and NATO and the country should make real progress and resolve the problems via dialogue to that effect, the new DPMNE leader said.

He also criticized the ruling SDSM for lack of ideas, economic collapse of the country and poor living standard of citizens.

Mickoski refuted the claims that he would be someone’s puppet, saying that he intended to impose more dynamic working pace, take advice from and make decisions with the party members and fight for their common idea.

Former DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski asked the new one to work on uniting the party.

He also called on the political rivals to work on national reconciliation, notifying in this respect the need of adopting a law on amnesty with regards to the 27 April events in the Parliament.

‘It’s the only way for the country to move forward and put an end to political vendettas,’ Gruevski said.