New Macedonian Govt: Terrorists will control Defense and Health, Drug Addicts Police


Here is what the potential new Macedonian Government will look like. One ought to keep in mind that president Ivanov no longer matters (prove us wrong president!), therefore the illegal speaker of Parliament and UCK’s commander Forina will likely go through another sham vote and form a Government in the Parliament’s buffet area.

When you commit treason in the heart of the country (in Parliament), and you go unpunished, both Zaev and commander Forina are now encouraged to repeat the offense and at this point, why wouldn’t they?

So here is what the potential new Government will look like. It’s a good mix of terrorists, drug traffickers and cocaine addicts:

Prime Minister: Zoran Zaev
Vice Premier: Goran Misovski
Foreign Minister: Viktor Gaber
Minister of Interior: Oliver Spasovski
Education Minister: Aleksandar Kiracovski
Minister of Culture: Blagoj Nacoski
Minister for Economy: Goran Milevski
Social Justice Minister: Frosina Remenski
Agriculture and Forestry Minister: Damjan Mancevski
Information & Science Minister: Cvetanka Ivanova
Health Minister: DUI
Defense Minister: DUI
Local Autonomy Minister: DUI
Minister for Justice: DUI
Minister for Transport and Communications: DUI
Minister for Environment: DUI

  • Goran Stavreski

    What else would you expect from US installed puppets? Look at who they put in charge in Ukraine… they gathered all the criminals in the country and gave them portfolios to manage, completely ruined the country, went from $400/month salaries to $90/month… It’s a disaster zone.

    • LXV

      Hey, at least UkroNazis got Joe Biden’s son in the Board of Directors of Ukrainian gas company Burisma. /sarc