New record: Macedonia adds nearly 1,200 coronavirus cases today


Out of 3,211 COVID-19 tests carried out in Macedonia in the past 24 hours, 1,192 new cases were registered, the Health Ministry said on Wednesday.

New cases were registered in Skopje-571, Kumanovo-63, Debar-15, Stip-50, Prilep-51, Tetovo-87, Struga-10, Veles-42, Bitola-43, Ohrid-49, Kavadarci-15, Gostivar-40, Gevgelija- 6, Strumica-36, Kriva Palanka-3, Radovis-4, Krusevo-6, Kocani-27, Probistip-14, Demir Hisar-5, Berovo-1, Vinica-7, Delcevo-2, Kratovo-3, Sveti Nikole -7, Kicevo-22, Resen-11, Negotino-2.

The Public Health Institute registered today 359 recovered patients from all over the country.

22 people died, including eight patients from Skopje (aged 78, 78, 61, 60, 81, 70, 84 and 51), two from Stip (aged 80 and 80), one from Prilep (aged 65), two from Tetovo (aged 41 and 66), two from Veles (aged 75 and 57), two patients from Bitola (aged 71 and 66) and two from Ohrid (aged 54 and 73), one patient from Gostivar (aged 72), one from Krusevo (aged 81) and one patient from Pehcevo (aged 53). 

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Macedonia has registered 35,097 confirmed coronavirus cases, while 22,024 people have recovered. The death toll stands at 1,071. At the moment, there are 12,002 active cases across the country.

In April and May, the Macedonian Government junta implemented quarantine when there were 60 coronavirus cases per day. Then it lied there were only 20-30 cases per day in order to carry on with their plan for nationwide elections. Today with 1,200 cases per day, everything is all right, kids are going to school…