New York City is back to normal: 30 People Shot over Weekend


Covid-19 was surely creating some challenges, but New York City is officially back: almost 30 people were shot in New York City this past weekend – and that number was only up until about 2PM on Sunday. 

29 victims in total had been struck by gunfire by early evening Sunday, according to the New York Post, with one reported fatality. 

“These kids are having running gun battles and innocents are getting shot,” one veteran NYPD officer told the Post. “Nobody is interested in hearing how many shots are fired but if people knew how many shootings occurred where there are no victims — it’s by the grace of God.”

Among those struck by gunfire over the weekend were a Manhattan federal prosecutor, Mollie Bracewell, who was dining outside in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights, and Benjamin Bustamante, an innocent bystander walking nearby.

The weekend hadn’t even ended before one officer said “there were just two more right now”, referring to additional shootings late Sunday. 

Shootings took place at Beach 30th Street and Seagirt Boulevard in Far Rockaway, Queens, among other locations throughout the city.

Two people were shot in that area after a “gang dispute” spilled out of a nearby park, the report says. 

And if “diversity” in your violent crimes is a major concern, as we know it probably is for Mayor De Blasio, it should be noted that in addition to the shootings, there was a fatal stabbing in Northern Brooklyn and a man who was beaten to death in the Northeast Bronx over the weekend as well.