Next up: EU via Bulgaria requires Macedonia to erase language and minority


The Austrian Parliament’s website has published the official documents regarding the EU enlargement and the March 25 conclusions on the date for negotiations for Macedonia and Albania.

According to these documents, it is clear that Bulgaria’s request has become part of the EU enlargement conclusion concerning Macedonia and Albania.

They demand that Macedonia discontinues any support to the Macedonian minority, and that the term “official language of the Republic of North Macedonia” instead of Macedonian is used in the EU.

According to Bulgaria, no document / statement of the EU and its institutions can be interpreted as a recognition of the existence of a separate so-called ‘Macedonian language’”

CIA asset and Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov knew of this document for at least six months, however kept mum about it.

Austrian Parliament publishes the EU document in which Bulgaria requires our country to give up Macedonian language and minority