Nicholov: Republicans have become Democrats in their vicious cycle of anti-Macedonian policies


Republicans Have Become Democrats – The Vicious Cycle of US Anti-Macedonian Policy
I figured out why Republicans have become Democrats and are allowing the State Department to still be run by the Obama administration. To spite the Russians. For all the hate that each party has for each other, they hate the Russians more. Spite drives Washington D.C.

The ultimate goal of US foreign policy is to increase US imperialism (while ignoring the world decrying it) and, as icing on the cake, anger the “big, bad Russians.”

The latest ploy (and Macedonia is the toy) is to get Macedonia into NATO. Why not get a country that doesn’t need it and can’t afford it into an obsolete organization that should’ve died alongside the Soviet Union, yet only exists to fulfill the goals mentioned above?

The brutal side effect in this case (and there always is one when it comes to American foreign policy) is that Macedonia is being forced to change its name, identity, language, ethnicity and history in order to appease its biggest oppressor, Greece, so that Greece lifts its veto and “allows” Macedonia to get NATO membership.

The Republic of Macedonia’s new…everything, would be “North Macedonia” and “Northern Macedonian” and this changes the very definition of “Macedonian”. Of course, eradicating an ethnic group’s name and identity constitutes genocide and violates international law and human rights conventions, but this won’t stop the United States – the self-proclaimed and brutally ironic “greatest democracy in the world”.

And we are not just talking about the Republic of Macedonia being wiped out. The West, in its infinite racism, partitioned all of Macedonia in 1913 and handed pieces to Serbia/Yugoslavia (now the independent Republic of Macedonia), Bulgaria, Greece and later, Albania. The redefining of an age-old nationality plays right into the handbook of all of our oppressors – to eradicate our existence. Macedonians everywhere, with international support, who have been fighting Greek, Bulgarian, Albanian and Serbian oppression are now by being hung out to dry (with our ethnicity to die) all because the United States values NATO over human decency and democracy.

And let’s not forget – what the United States wants, the United States gets. Despite resistance, if any, from the international community.

Of course, a simple solution to satisfy the United States’ obsession with NATO enlargement while actually RESPECTING an entire people’s right to exist is to remove the one-country veto rule in NATO, something that even George Bush suggested. Donald Trump, are you going to allow George Bush to be your voice of reason?

Now, if changing NATO rules requires too much effort for this incompetent US administration, the US could easily direct (order) Greece to refrain from using its veto power as it would if say, Montenegro, were to threaten to veto a potential NATO member.

If only Donald Trump would notice – anything, he would put an immediate end to this debacle, even if it were only to save his best friend/boss Vladimir Putin from watching NATO gain another member-state.

God forbid (and remember that God apparently watches over Republicans) that Trump acts like a real president and institutes his own foreign policy as I called for after Trump took office in this op-ed in The Hill. The reasons range from common sense, respect for human rights and international law, the saving of millions of US-taxpayer dollars by ending the implementation of a Soros-run government in Macedonia, and spite – something that Trump should have eaten up like yet another Big Mac.

But since Trump is incapable and unwilling to act, can the Republicans who claim to be Trump’s “voice of reason” (or better yet, the anonymous New York Times Republican who claims to have Trump on a leash), implement their OWN foreign policy and save a country as a side effect? As opposed to typical US foreign policy which destroys countries as a main objective.

I wondered when Democrats became Republicans in this Hill op-ed when I blasted their foreign-interventionist policy that is destroying Macedonia. But it is now, ironically, the Republican-like Democratic foreign policy that the Republicans are enabling and executing. If that didn’t make you dizzy…

And this is the vicious cycle that drives US foreign policy. Macedonia is stuck right in the middle of it and going around and around like a carnival ride. But instead of waiting for Trump or any US politician to gain a conscience and act, the vicious cycle ends if the object in it stops moving. Macedonia – STOP. Stop allowing yourself to be a pawn in the United States’ twisted foreign policy game of Risk. But in this case, and as I explained in The Game of Macedonia, Macedonia owns this game and can choose to stop playing at any time.

So, Macedonian politicians, will you finally defend Macedonia, human rights and common sense and end this name change catastrophe? Defend yourselves and the world will defend you, instead of being yet another American doormat and a living example of the Seinfeld episode where the angry Ukrainian yells at Kramer and Newman: “You think Ukraine is weak?! Ukraine is game to you?!” Substitute “Ukraine” with “Macedonia” and Seinfeld would’ve hit the nail on the head.
And finally. With one last homage to Seinfeld (he should’ve been President). Will the Republican Party do what it’s best at and, based purely out of spite, return the US State Department’s policy to one that is not anti-Macedonian?

Bill Nicholov, President
Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

  • V.M.

    Demoncrats and Republicans are the same party, two names, but one party… doesn’t matter who is a president, repub. or demoncrat, the policy never changes because both parties have the same bosses.

  • Maco

    Macedonians have their destiny in their own hands. No body can take away my Macedonian identity nor yours. If you don’t fight for it the psycho Zaev and traitors will sell it. If you don’t fight for your country, your history, your identity and your future then you will be nothing but a lost and homeless soul. With regards to the referendum the psych Zaev will rig it because that’s what a criminal traitor does.

  • Mech Kcbear

    You fellow Macedonians DON’T DO IT,
    DON’T BE INSECURE TO WHOM YOU ARE. DO NOT LET THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE BRAINWASH YOU FOR THEIR EXISTENCE & PURE GREED PURPOSES. Changing our name & everything that has been known to us will only & i stress will only benefit them those who want us to change our name no body else, you must understand that. That is why they are asking us to change our name. No body will ask someone to change their name, no body in god’s given right will ask you of that will they? Unless it favours them for some particular reason.
    It goes like this ” it is something that we’ve got which they haven’t got because it’s us it’s who we are & it’s who we’ve ever known to be for generations after generations for thousands of years we’ve continued to be just it. Why haven’t they had it over all this time? they wouldn’t ask us for it will they if they were Macedonians or their land was Macedonian? This is why this referendum will only benefit the bad guy in the long run while we’l & our children & further more will suffer & forever more will regret the day we changed our name cursed our future & sold our souls to these horrible horrible human beings. The Greek’s will be in euphoria the day the got us back for all the things the great Macedonian dynasty & it’s army did to them in the ancient times. . That’s why Greeks are holding us to ransom they’ve been waiting to get us back for a long long very long time & the time is near change our name & who we are is so significant demoralising one can do to the human nature & human spirit .
    Think about it deeply Macedonians
    All the way from Flinders NSW Australia
    Macedonia is us is ours not America not NATO & certainly not Greece’s.

    • George

      You are really a stupid poisoned person.
      Anyone with an ounce of brain would read your stuff and move away from such stupidity.
      Read what your writing and explain to me how you can put an Ancient Greek Macedonian head on your head, one which arrived and lived in the greater area centuries later.
      Don’t you think we have all moved on from that stupid point you are making.

      Once again I say to all of you who are against voting or saying no to your referendum. Good on you!

      I also think the agreement is crazy. You are still going to be called Macedonians
      And your mainly Bulgarian language will be called Macedonian. All Greek to me!

      Helleluja we now have in the 21st century not only a Greek language but also (by name Greek word) a Macedonian, Slavic language.

      I really don’t understand what your fuss is about.
      But I will say it again. By all means get as much support as you can to defeat this referendum. But don’t write ignorant rubbish.

  • George

    You people just don’t get it.
    The name Macedonia is a Greek heritage name first and foremost.
    Be thankful that the stupid Greek government has allowed you, or should I say handed you a Greek name to use for your new country. In doing so you still are known as Macedonians and your language (which is Bulgarian mostly) to be called Macedonian.

    How good do you have it! But no you want to complain.

    Go ahead, don’t vote or vote no in your referendum.

    Hopefully next time a sane Greek government will only allow what you truly should be.

    Vardaska country, Vardarskan Language and Vardarskan People.

    I don’t like the deal as much as you. From a Greek perspective it stinks.

    However, I am willing to live with it because most of your people are good and not mixed up this political rubbish.

    • Pantelis

      They will rejected it in the referendum

    • Legenda Patriot

      Go and choke on your souvlaki!

      • George

        Haha another one from the same inteligensa school of Mech KcBear & protoge Joel. Need more like you to join the ranks.

  • Jole

    George, one word for you EBISE

    • George

      Hey Jole, did you go o the same school as Mech Kcbear. Make sure you copy from him in the exams.
      That’s how craziness gets perpetuated.

  • Jole

    Mech Kcbear, could have not said it better, now it’s up to the real Macedonians to stand up to the us & british imperialist’s anglo/zionists crap.

  • Pantelis

    Macedonians bre are only GREEKS
    What you mumbling…..
    Bulgarians do not need an interpretor when they hearing you talking and they laughing at you….
    How’s Ilinden?

  • Jole

    Hey georgy porgy and your buddy penistelis, I did go to school & am educated, so is Mech Kcbear, but I feel sorry & have pity for you two as you are two complete idiots. Your idiot training started in 1913 and continued when all you Anatolian Pigs were brought over by the western created ancient greeks to occupy my land. Well, boys a famous Macedonian once said “what goes around, comes around” figure out who said it, that is if you’re that really smart.