Nikileaks, Carovska, Sekerinska Venko…out, DUI stays


Deputy Prime Minister for EU affairs Nikola Dimitrov is the latest top official of the Zaev regime who is expected to leave the Government along with him. Unlike Venko Filipce, Radmila Sekerinska and Mila Carovska, Dimitrov did not yet announce that he is leaving the Government, but “Sloboden Pecat” reports that he will be replaced with the current Justice Minister Bojan Maricic.

Dimitrov said that, if offered a seat in the next Government, he will “consider it”. Zaev is hoping to place his successor as SDSM party leader Dimitar Kovacevski in the Prime Minister’s seat. But this will require keeping a number of fractious coalition partners in place, as well as maintaining party unity. The past few days, especially after Sekerinska’s announced resignation, have left the impression that the SDSM party is in shambles and that top Government people are racing to get out of the way.