Nimetz to MHRMI: If I was Macedonian, I would not negotiate my name


UN Special Envoy Matthew Nimetz told Macedonian Human Rights Movement International representatives: “Off the record – If I were Macedonian, I would not negotiate my name”. The first mediator for the name dispute, Robin O’Neil, has come out repeatedly against the name negotiations and has implored Macedonia to stop negotiating.

Although Nimetz said that his comments were “off the record”, MHRMI asked him why he wouldn’t make his feelings public, resign and denounce the name negotiations as an attack on Macedonia’s most basic of rights as Robin O’Neil did. As we have seen with the tremendous amount of pressure on Macedonia to change its name to appease its oppressor, Greece, we have decided to make Matthew Nimetz’s feelings public on his behalf.

Further, when MHRMI President, Bill Nicholov, asked Nimetz what he thinks the outcome would be if Macedonia withdraws from the name negotiations, Nimetz said “Nothing. I don’t believe that there would be any consequences.” The sentiment was reiterated, exactly, by the US State Department when Nicholov asked the same question. Moreover, the State Department said that they believe that there is no solution to the name dispute and that ending the negotiations would be logical.

MHRMI reiterated its demand that all Macedonian political parties and politicians denounce the name negotiations and put an immediate end to them. As has been painfully evident by Prime Minister Zaev’s recent statements in Bulgaria, he is willing to sell out Macedonia’s age-old name, ethnic origin and identity all to appease the European Union, NATO and the United States. VMRO, you had the chance to end the so-called “name dispute” while in government but chose not to. Denounce the name negotiations immediately. Prime Minister Zaev, you cannot negotiate what isn’t yours. Act in Macedonia’s best interest for once and end the negotiations.

  • Tajno Ime

    Of course you cannot negotiate on the name; negotiating means recognizing there is a problem, that we have a problem. Then both sides have to give something up to solve the problem. What could Macedonia give up? The identity?! No way! No country in the world would do such a thing – that is why the negotiations have to stop. And if Greece has a problem naming internal territories, well that is their internal problem and not ours. There – problem solved 🙂

  • Tajno Ime

    And nothing against Zaev, but it is possible that he has some Bulgarian roots? So maybe whatever he said is truly how he feels about Bulgaria (and not how we feel)… If he sees “joint history” maybe that is his family history.. I hope I am wrong 🙂