No-Action Gruevski concludes SPO wants to undermine country


VMRO-DPMNE has been attacked as never before in Macedonia. The aim is to break VMRO and weaken Macedonia, but they will not succeed, said party leader Nikola Gruevski at Thursday’s press conference.

The statement comes after the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) decided to file 17 indictments in 18 cases against 94 individuals and seven legal entities, including members of the party leadership.

“Such classical political persecution has not occurred in the history of Macedonia, but also in Europe. Hundreds of individuals who are part of VMRO-DPMNE’s bodies or their supporters are persecuted so that the party is destroyed or silenced”, stressed Gruevski.

He said the SPO is an instument for political persecution and that is why all processes are directed against VMRO-DPMNE.

“This is a political, not legal process. SPO lost its impartiality and credibility long time ago, becoming an instrument for political persecution. SPO is not a prosecutor’s office, it is a SDSM office. The biggest indicator that this is a political process is the fact that SPO takes decisions without any legal evidence. VMRO is the target, the aim is to break VMRO, its political elimination and putting it under control for higher goals of the ones who created this entire process”, underlined Gruevski.

  • LXV

    I never got the real context of his speech – was he threatening or complaining?

    • V.M.

      Nobody knows, not even Gruevski.
      His statements have become just meaningless empty rhetoric. I personally think the moron was just complaining, as usual.

  • Billy

    So, Gruevski had 10 years to arrest every single treasonous piece of shIt. But he didn’t. And now, the same treasonous pieces of sh|t want to arrest the entire leadership on made up charges, including judges who previously didn’t bow to pressures from the US Embassy.
    This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so damn sad.

    • R_U_Jhoking

      He had plenty of chances to lock up the real criminals, but instead chose to negotiate with criminal EU/UN/USA and thats what you get. He brought it all on himself and now he will cry in jail.

      • Billy

        Gruevski’s motto was: If you can’t trust the pedophiles in Brussels and Washington, who can you trust!

  • Tajno Ime

    I guess nobody understands why he does not react. If they did, as they were the ruling party, they would be brought down in a second (easiest way), blamed for “dictatorship” (see same scenario Ukraine and similar). Only the people have the power and maybe they do not see it. The people can stop everything, if they protest, or not, or say what they want. NOBODY can stop the people. It is THE PEOPLE that DECIDE, not the party. And yes that means, you cannot expect VRMO or SDS to do the work. We have a say and should use it. Simple as that. A democratic society does that and that is legal. There are countries, where you have to earn the right to protest, ie. peacefully assemble (eg. Germany (the right of peaceful assembly). Can somebody rename Macedonia (Zaev or whoever) no, since the people will react. That is real power nobody can fight with 🙂

  • Peter Beres

    Democracy is power by the people
    Socrates said to Plato once,only educated
    People should have a vote otherwise you
    will get goats in power

  • V.M.

    I used to think Gruevski is all talk, now he is not even that!

  • Tajno Ime

    I wonder if Zaev possibly has some Bulgarian
    roots? So maybe whatever he says is truly how he feels about Bulgaria
    (and not how we feel)… If he sees “joint history” maybe that is his
    family history.. I hope I am wrong 🙂