No-confidence vote stumbles… BESA MP doesn’t show in Parliament, still busy counting his money


 Only 60 opposition MPs are present in the hall for a no-confidence vote. Besa’s MP, Kastriot Rexhepi, is missing. The briefings from the opposition are that Rexhepi’s two phones are turned off, and there is no one in either of his two apartments.

MINA finds, DUI’s Ali Ahmeti and Zaev had managed to persuade Rexhepi to switch sides, and he’s been nicely compensated for it. In addition, Zaev tried to splinter the opposition further by sending the Financial Police at VMRO MP Jauleski home in Struga, at 5:20am. However, Jauleski managed to make it to Parliament despite the organized pressure by the Government.

SDSM and DUI were no show in Parliament.

Apparently, Ahmeti and Zaev will live for another day…or will they? SDSM & DUI no longer have majority in Parliament, it’s 60-60! In addition, Parliament Speaker Taljat Xhaferi literally ran out of the Parliament Hall so the opposition wouldn’t have a quorum to vote. Legally, the SDSM-DUI Government has ceased to exist as it doesn’t have Parliament majority! But then again, no one in Macedonia follows laws or the Constitution.

MINA finds from our sources in the US Embassy that Macedonia’s de facto Prime Minister Kate Byrnes played crucial role in ‘convincing’ BESA’s Rexhepi not to show up… In addition, the Dutch Embassy also assisted in this coercion. The Dutch PM out of the blue decided to visit Zaev yesterday, on the eve of the no-confidence vote. It was the first visit by a Dutch PM to Macedonia, and what a timing?!

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