No sign of German Experts sent to Macedonia to investigate deadly fire


The group of four German experts, who were supposed to come and help in the investigation after the catastrophic hospital fire in Tetovo last week, still haven’t arrived to Macedonia which prompted speculation – are they walking to Macedonia?

Government spokesman Dusko Arsovski said that they are expected to arrive within days, but this was a week ago. Zaev is using the alleged international help in the investigation in his push to delay the removal of Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce from the post, as he insists that a thorough investigation must be completed before political accountability is assumed.

19 hospitals made of plastic panels were assembled earlier this year, to provide spill-over capacity for Covid patients. The contract was awarded to a company owned by Zaev’s former Deputy PM Koco Angjusev, and the containers were built using flammable insulation – as video evidence shows, the hospital in Tetovo burnt down within two minutes.

To make matters worse for Zaev and Angjushev, eye witnesses who have claimed at least 30 people died are getting death threats, in addition the Government has not released the names of any of the 15 patients who officially perished.

German experts who are supposed to help with the Tetovo hospital fire investigation still haven’t arrived in Macedonia