No worries, DPNE charlatans will review the ‘legality’ of SPO vote in Parliament


DPNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski stated that the VMRO-DPMNE legal team and the legal commission would consider all options for assessing the procedure in the Parliament on the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office.

While I was a Member of Parliament such a thing had never happened or, for a law not to be passed and then the Speaker of Parliament to ask for a repeat of the vote. This is not good. For the first time I have witnessed a situation where the law has not been passed and the voting is repeated in five minutes. Of course, the Constitutional Court is an institution that has to make a statement on this matter because there was no clear will and the necessary numbers were not reached. If there are other instruments today, our legal team will certainly consider them, Nikoloski said.

Just as the DPNE legal team is still reviewing the:

  • change of the Macedonian flag
  • change of territorial borders to ensure more Albanian MPs are inserted in Parliament
  • the Ohrid Framework agreement
  • the change of the country’s name
  • addition of another language into the system