Nonkovic: The fat lady has sung, federalization is a done deal


Popular Brussels based Macedonian journalist Boban Nonkovic wrote on his FB profile that the federalization of Macedonia is already under way. The Macedonian Ministers will be a minority.

I wrote about the operation “Ponton Bridge” few days ago, and now you see its realization. Today, I received information, lets call it a speculation, that former VMRO-DPMNE leader Ljupco Georgievski may be the new minister for Local Autonomy, Ljube Boskovski can get a role for a Minister without portfolio, while Stojance “Tile” Angelov would replace Mitko Cavkov and be put in charge of the Bureau for Public Safety (BJB). This is the department who is in charge of the Macedonian uniformed police within MoI – says Nonkovic.

Our readers with sharp memory will remember Stojance Angelov for a monthly salary of 4,000 euros leading the condom revolutionaries throwing paint over monuments.

Kocho Angjushev, a Veles businessman and a friend of local VMRO-DPMNE cowboys will become the vice premier for economy, and will replace the disappearing act of Vlado Peshevski. Has anyone seen this man?

According to Nonkovic’s information, DUI will receive a whopping 7 ministerial positions, Sela’s AA will receive two ministers, while SDS including the PM slot for Zaev will get five.

This set up will complete the federalization of the country – says Nonkovic.