North Dimitrov says we won’t ‘implement’ Prespa, after implementing it


Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov and Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani came before the Parliament Committee on European Affairs today to explain their defeat in Brussels, where they failed to secure the opening of accession talks. Dimitrov said that the implementation of the Prespa treaty will be put into question if EU accession talks don’t begin, citing article 1(10) which conditions the domestic use of the name “North Macedonia” with the opening of accession talks.

Regarding the internal documents. there is a condition tying it to the EU accession talks. The Prespa treaty can’t be implemented in full unless we are in the EU, Dimitrov said.

Yet, Dimitrov and Co. have already changed the country’s name, moronically removed the word “Macedonian” from all Institutions – the Prespa agreement is already implemented.

President Stevo Stoka Pendarovski already announced such a move, and Zoran Zaev hinted in the direction of article 1(10) but then quickly reversed his position and said that he will fully implement the Prespa treaty regardless of the failure to open EU accession talks.