North Mickoski has had it, wants protests


DPNE’s opposition leader H. North Mickoski has had it with Zaev.

Today, Mickoski announced he will be calling people to protest SDS’ failure to obtain EU accession date. What made everyone scratch their heads is that Mickoski refused to call on people to protest for nearly three years now as Macedonia was torn apart in every direction:

  • The treasonous Tirana platform.
  • The treasonous contract with Bulgarian fascists.
  • The treasonous contract with Athens.
  • Never showed support for DPNE MPs jailed by the SDS (many of which are still in jail on dubious charges).
  • Never showed support for civilians who defended Macedonia’s constitution on April 27, 2018.
  • Helped Zaev change the country’s name.

But decided to call for a protest for an EU accession date that everyone knew was not forthcoming! What’s more, several high ranking DPNE officials were actively assisting Zaev in Brussels (Nikoloski can explain), lobbying on his behalf by painting a rosy picture of the country as the World Bank confirmed over 500,000 people have left the country in the last three years!

This is Macedonia’s opposition!