Northern Zaev: Unsure of two thirds in Parliament, but I have a third of optimism


I’m an optimist and I am relaxed. Macedonia is living in a beautiful historical time where citizens have the opportunity and the right to decide. They decided. We must listen to the majority. Yesterday the government decided, and now the Parliament will decide. There are talks of money, listen, I spoke to all MPs, other MPs have spoken to MPs, we are all very relaxed. Not sure if there will be two thirds votes in Parliament, but I am always an optimist, a good third – stated Zaev.

Zaev changes mind on elections

Elections now are not a good option for any of us. Our people are tired of elections and they don’t want them. We have to listen to our people.
Right now, and other have said, our partners have said, Parliament is really the best option for us to ensure the Prespa Agreement gets through – said Zaev during a forum hosted by Soros funded Open Society dubbed “Bridges or Walls? Macedonia and Western Balkans in Europe”.

  • V.M.

    What drugs is he on?
    They seem pretty cool. It’s pretty clear he is in a different world

  • Macedonian Forever

    Sending this clip again. Just listen to the lying bastard!
    He stated “there isn’t a person born in Macedonia that would have the courage to stand up in our parliament to suggest to change the constitution or the country’s constitutional name”.
    What more do our people need in order to run the prick out of the country. He cannot be trusted and has zero INTEGRITY!

    • V.M.

      Zaev is mentally retarded. This is not meant as an insult, it’s just a fact. Not a day goes by where he proves it.

      • Legenda Patriot

        Yes he is a total and utter fuckwit. Nothing else to be said.