Nuhiu: The best thing to be in Macedonia is Albanian Politician


Journalist Armend Nuhiu in his latest FB post says the best thing for an individual in Macedonia is to be an Albanian politician.

You can steal without any problems, no Court would prosecute you, and if someone dares to press charges, you can always claim that “you were being discriminated based on your ethnicity“. concludes ironically Nuhiu.

Nuhiu’s statement is closely tied to the latest scandal by the SPO which did not file any charges against DUI’s despite overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing by Tetovo’s mayor Teuta Arifi and Gostivar’s Nevzat Bejta who are both suspected of stealing from the city’s budgets. Not to mention DUI officials involved in drug trafficking!

All indications lead to the fact the SPO through intermediaries blackmailed Ahmeti and DUI’s leadership they would all end up in jail if they did not enter into a coalition with the SDS and form a Government together.

As a reward for their subjugation, no charges were filed against DUI.