Nutjob Zaev now proposes Non-Obligatory Referendum that will be Obligatory


Given that Zaev today announced a consultative referendum on “North Macedonia”, we should immediately erase a misconception, and it is that the consultative referendum does not need a census. As everything the SDSM stated since their existence as a political party, this too is not true, since nowhere in the Law on Referendum, nor in the opinion of the Constitutional Court on this issue from nine years ago, even less in the Constitution itself, states that census is not needed. In short, it does not say that a referendum does not require a census. On the contrary, you absolutely need both!

This type of voting requires 900,000 yes votes (although there is already ongoing fraud in the Voters’ List which was started by the SEC two years ago). This is one of the goals of the SDSM with the recent changes in the Electoral Code allowing the SEC run by the SDSM to be the judge, jury and executioner. In essence, the SEC can state 900,001 people voted, and no one can question their claims, even if only two people voted in reality.

Normally, if Zaev and his criminal junta were confident that they would achieve the turnout they needed, then they would go to a compulsory referendum, not a consultative one. With this, Zaev has in effect announced the upcoming referendum fraud that they will try to slide through, which is that for a ‘consultative’ referendum which will somehow be obligatory (?) we do not need a census, so you better go out and vote. It’s a simple manipulation of the public which comes straight from Zaev’s handlers.

Illegal Referendum
The second moment is that the problem remains with the actual referendum. Everything about it is illegal. Only a single (1) question can be asked in a referendum.
Zaev’s handlers have a different idea. Their question begins with “Do you want to be part of NATO”, this is the first question, then comes the second “Do you want to be part of the EU” and finally the third “Do you want to make changes in the constitution to change the country’s name”.
I for one can be for EU, but against NATO and against changing the name. How can one answer three questions with “Yes” or “No” when each question is vastly different from the other.

“The problem for Zaev’s criminal junta is that Article 15 (from the Law on Referendum) talks about a “question”, which means it must be just one. There can be no more questions in the same sentence … and in this case we have exactly that. There are three questions presented as one!

“The third condition required by the Law, that is, Article 15, paragraph 4 of it, may be the key, which in fact represents a final complement to the previous two conditions, says that the question must be “unequivocal”. What this means is the word itself – there can be no double or multiple meaning. In other words, let me try to draw a point on a picture from the Commodore in front of Commodore – the word “double” is added to the word “sense”, so we get “ambiguity, and the negation of ambiguity is what the law requires – the question not to be ambiguous, but “unequivocal”.

It’s not an unequivocal question that has multiple questions and thoughts within it: one is whether you are for NATO, the other is whether you are for the EU (both greatly different organizations), the third is whether you are for the agreement with Greece, etc., This is a classic and flagrant violation of the Constitution and the Law. If NATO and the globalists in the EU need to rape Macedonia’s highest legal acts, then there is nothing to say except God help Macedonia from these fascists.

The real referendum question asked of the Macedonian people in reality should be: How long do you need to storm the Government HQ?

  • Legenda Patriot

    Why hasn’t anyone stopped this imbecile yet? The ongoing insults to everyone’s intelligence is simply beyond belief. Total moron!

  • Jole

    Because, us Macedonians have become ballsless Pussies and deserve everything this idiot does to us.