Zakharieva: Your country speaks Bulgarian language


Bulgaria has been one of the most serious supporters of Macedonia for years and I really want to say – we have signed an agreement, the two prime ministers have signed this agreement and it is not good to dispute what is written in it, said Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zakharieva.

Our goal is to recognize the shared history, to celebrate together those heroes who declared themselves as Bulgarians, but fought for the ideals of Macedonia. 

What is the problem to say – yes, the language that is official according to their Constitution dates back to 1945 and is based on the Bulgarian language. What is the problem to say that – she persisted.

We do not dispute their identity, we were the first to recognize the Republic of Macedonia. There is no legal norm for the recognition of a nation and a language, said Zakharieva, who is the daughter of a man who worked for the fellow with mustache below:

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  • neutrinoz

    Only fools and horses will dispute that culturally Bulgarian is just cockney of Macedonian.
    She is obviously both.

  • Macedonian Forever

    Macedonia is in the Bible my dear! Macedonia existed before you Bulgar/Tatars even came to our country. Maybe it is the Bulgarian language which is an off shoot of the Macedonian language.
    Not the real issue here. Those sons of bitches Zaev and Dimitrov were bribed with enough money to sign an ILLEGAL agreement and made us look like fools. Time to show your true colors VMRO. It is time to state for everyone to hear that WE will revoke the illegal treaty with Greece and Bulgaria and they can both go fuck themselves.
    Long live The Republic of Macedonia!

    • Legenda Patriot

      We must continue the fight against the erosion of our ethnicity, culture and identity. Yes, Zajko and his retarded partners in crime must pay for the treason they have inflicted. Majmunski kopilina!

      • Macedonian Forever

        Just look at this scumbag Dimitrov in the picture. He doesn’t have any Macedonian interests on his mind, you can see very clearly the only thing he is thinking about is Bulgarian pussy.

  • Wolf

    Maybe some one should tell Bulgaria and Zakharieva that (Australia, Canada, USA and New zealand_ all speak English, But England doesn’t tell the people that they can’t Identify themselves as their own Nation. And England has a shared History with all mentioned above!!!