NY Times fantasizes about Trump’s security entourage assassinating him


While mainstream media blame Trump’s inflammatory “fake news” rhetoric for half a dozen bombs mailed to prominent Democrats and CNN, the New York Times has just run a short story envisioning Trump’s assassination.

Frustrated by the failure of the Mueller investigation to turn up the requested dirt on their nemesis-in-chief, the media “resistance” asked a few spy novelists to predict a more appealing future in the Times’ literary supplement. The results revealed some shoddy writing work, even putting aside their predictable endings (spoiler alert – he was colluding with the Russians all along!).

Zoe Sharp’s story was apparently written while she was held hostage in a Bond movie with a bunch of Soviet bad guys. A Russian agent (of course) checks into a hotel, meets another Russian carrying a briefcase with a Makarov pistol and Stolichnaya (because Russia), and gets drunk. The next morning, he tries to shoot the president, but the gun misfires. The crisis – what will Putin think, now that I’ve failed him?! – is averted when a secret service agent lends a helping hand. Get it? It’s funny, because even Trump’s staff want to murder him!

Social media was appropriately appalled, particularly given the timing of the story’s publication.