Obidzuko Spasovski resigns as SDSM’s Vice President


Oliver Spasovski resigned as Vice President of the SDSM party. The Interior Minister has been one of Zaev’s most loyal lieutenants and today he briefed the press that he will not remain in the leadership under Dimitar Kovacevski.

Oliver aka Obidzuko Spasovski became ‘famous’ after over 300 criminals world-wide obtained a Macedonian passport (for a fee) under his watch. In addition, during his rule, the police became synonymous with drug trafficking. Quite the resume for Spasovski.

The Central Board of SDSM meets this evening and Kovacevski is expected to announce the new leadership of the party before seeking the mandate to become Prime Minister. Only Fatmir Bytiqi could remain Vice President from the current roster that, besides him and Spasovski, also includes Mila Carovska and Venko Filipce.