On Sunday….

  • vistina


    EVERYONE get your phones out and photograph and video the very low attendance at polling booths, post it online, livestream videos, so they can’t try any fraud, show the world




    NO to E.U. huge debt slavery Greek & Cyprus style!

    NO to paying NATO an annual fee of 2% of GDP every year when Zaev has destroyed the Macedonian economy and only grown 0.1% in the past year. Macedonia cannot afford this and will further destroy the economy and reduce essential services, pensions, and cause more people to leave the country.

    The Macedonian people are against the name change and other detriments in the “dogovor”. Russian meddling is bullsh^t. Zaev has hired a British PR firm for referendum propaganda and there is funding from the British Foreign Office is helping with funding. “Russian meddling”? WAKE UP ALL MACEDONIANS and see what is happening. Do not turn out to vote.



    it also included a section on setting up supposedly opposition social media groups which would actually be under the company’s control to “channel, infiltrate and divide the opposition”. In June, Mr Gabara told the Bureau that the Macedonian prime minister “had agreed to the proposal in principle and asked for the proposal to be redrafted”.

    The Bureau also discovered that a British PR firm called Stratagem International is employed by the Macedonian government to assist the Yes campaign, and that the British Foreign Office is helping fund its work. Stratagem International claims on its website to be in the business of “delivering high impact campaigns – often under the radar – which influence behaviour”, listing elections and referendums as examples of the work they do.

    A Foreign Office spokesperson said: “The UK is funding a small number of independent experts to offer technical advice in support of the referendum. They are a resource for the referendum task force”.

    BOJKOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!