One Happy Family: DPNE, SDSM, DUI vote to Legalize illegal Properties in National Parks


Dozens of MPs in Parliament, executives at private firms and local organizations have decimated forests at National Parks (Mavrovo, Galichica etc) by building villas in areas that have been protected since Ottoman times.

Even though the local authorities in Rostushe voted during a council meeting to demolish all the illegal structures, the motion was denied by the Government in Skopje, by the very people who actually built the villas in national parks.

To remedy and fix the situation in their favor, both the Government officials, Parliament MPs and the so called ‘opposition’ led by DPNE created and voted for a law that would legalize all properties built in National Parks and protected areas across the country.

So it’s all really simple. You break the law, build a house in a protected place that no one could touch for 500 years, and then pass a law to legalize your crimes. It’s really perfect, and it’s just another example why Macedonia should not be a self governed state. It is getting utterly ridiculous with every passing day.

Комисија на Влада донесе одлука да не се уриваат вилите на Радика