One of defunct SPO prosecutors under investigation


State prosecutors have opened an investigation into the conduct of prosecutor Bujar Rustemi, MINA has learnt. Rustemi leads several high profile politically motivated cases initiated by the now fully disgraced Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) which he was part of.

According to the information received by Skopje based media, Rustemi was named in the Racket 2 scandal, which is closely linked to the SPO office. Rustemi leads the connected TNT scandal, and is pushing charges against former Government officials who ordered the demolition of a large residential complex built by politically linked businessman Fijat Canoski, in violation of the building code.

Canoski is believed to have paid a large bribe, up to 750,000 EUR, through an intermediary, to former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva. This payment is being investigated in the Racket 2 scandal. These money were used to get Janeva to file charges over the demolition of his residential complex, and Canoski could potentially receive tens of millions of euros in damages from the state.