Only an uprising can save Macedonia from the US installed Junta


No Macedonian ever thought the country will be led by a humanoid monkey installed in power by the CIA via a coup in 2016. According to numerous reports of foreign intel agencies who’ve gotten their hands on CIA’s recruitment documents, and recently confirmed during a TV interview with Lazanski when the Americans seek to recruit a foreign ‘leader’ who will dance to their tune, they are seeking three qualifications:

1. The Individual must be marginalized in society, willing to do anything for power.
2. The individual must possess low IQ.
3. The individual must be of limited intellectual capacity, borderline mental retardation and will not question any orders.

In other words, if you’re recruited by the CIA, you’ve miserably failed at life. But, here comes Zoran Zaev who is over qualified in each of the above requirements. The SDS leader and illegitimate PM of the Macedonian Government has recently taken his unhinged self into uncharted territory. In an interview with Bulgarian TV, Zaev claimed it was the Bulgarian fascists who freed Macedonia from the Bulgarian fascists!? Earlier, in an interview with Serbian TV, he told them that it was Serbia who helped Macedonia defeat fascism, adding we’re the same people. He told the Bulgarians we’re the same people too. His next move is likely to meet Merkel and to thank her for the Germans freeing Macedonia from the Nazis. Obviously, Macedonians are the same people with them as well.

But if you think this CIA and Deep State backed deranged lunatic is done, think again.

Baily’s minions in DUI will soon introduce a fake genocide bill, accusing Macedonians of “genocide” against the albanians. The bill has nothing to do with history and certainly nothing to do with genocide, but is meant to grant the albanians in western Macedonia, in locations where they are not present the right to demand land and secession rights because they were “kicked out” from the land during an imaginary genocide. This bill too is pushed from the office of US Ambassador and CIA operative Jess Baily and it follows the Tirana Platform of former CIA head John Brennan to the tee.

Only an uprising can save Macedonia at this point. The current junta installed by the US will follow the scenario of Georgia and Ukraine. In both countries the CIA put in place “leaders” who perfectly fit the three recruitment points above. Saakashvili and Poroshenko. Both countries after US involvement endure perpetual misery. They lost large chunks of territory for good, all their gold reserves “disappeared” over night in unmarked planes bound for United States, thousands were killed in a war initiated by the CIA, and they became impoverished to incredible levels. If Macedonians want the same future then we should do nothing.

Uprising is the only option.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    It is the only option but will never happen because of the cowards in dpmne.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Everyone in Macedonia is a coward.