Open Bazaar: SDSM MP requests Ministerial position in order to vote for name change


A female MP who is part of the governing coalition demanded that she get a ministerial post in exchange for her vote on constitutional changes.

“We will understand if some do not vote for national or personal reasons, but not because of lucrative reasons,” sources in the ruling coalition said, who are disappointed that part of the MPs are trying to achieve personal or narrow party profits in what they call “extremely important” moments for Macedonia.

According to unofficial information, the lawmaker sought to get the ministerial post in Ecology, where the government receives massive public criticism.

DUI, who holds the Ministry for Ecology is willing to give up their spot in exchange for another Ministry held by the SDSM, whatever it takes to pass the name change, claim sources within DUI.

According to DUI, if the SDSM is willing to abandon the Interior Ministry currently managed by Spasovski, then DUI is willing to hand over multiple Ministerial spots in order for the constitutional changes to pass.

  • Tony

    How can that be it’s like prophet Muhammad
    Changing the course of the Koran by superseding the previous content to current.
    Islamsko rabota.

    You can’t keep postponing trying to get a result.You have failed Zaev, Ahemeti that’s it
    You have NOT secured 2/3 majority, therefore
    Step down and take the defeat you sons of bitches.

    • Legenda Patriot

      Sorry, but these cockroaches will not step down. They must be exterminated.