Opera singer gets 30 days detention, Court says singing of national anthem was terrorism


The Appelate Court issued 30 day detention for world renowned opera singer Igor Durlovski. His crime according to the Court is Durlovski’s singing of the national anthem in Macedonia’s parliament which is equated to ‘terrorism’.

Terrorism charges have been brought against Drama & Theater director Boris Damovski, actor Vlado Jovanovski and activist Angelov – Kjoseto, Oliver Radulov, Munir Pepikj, ex DBK head Chavkov and several DPMNE MPs. Chavkov who had recently suffered a heart attack was not allowed to receive medications while in detention.

With the exception of Krsto Mukovski and a female Parliament official who were sent home, everyone else received 30 day detentions. The female Parliament official made “facial expressions” which according to the Court showed support for the protesters on April 27th. This, according to the Appelate Court equated terrorism.

Balkan media is already mocking what they openly call a CIA puppet Government and Soros junta, reporting that the entire scenario is to scare Macedonians into submission for the upcoming redefinition and destabilization of the country.