Macedonian Opera singer: I don’t want Amnesty from criminal Government


Opera singer and political prisoner Igor Durlovski announced today that he will not submit a request for amnesty under the controversial law put in place primarily to release members of Parliament whose votes the ruling majority needs to rename Macedonia into North Macedonia.

– Every battle carries risks with it, and I know I risk my life and the lives of those closest to me in this battle. But, I’m certain they will understand me and will understand why it is important to fight for your principles, to fight for justice, with determination and courage, Durlovski wrote on his social media accounts, before posting the Sex Pistols version of “My Way” for good measure.

He was charged with “terrorism” for the protests on April 27th 2017, when SDSM and DUI held an irregular vote in the Parliament to elect a new Speaker, which provoked protesters to storm the building. Durlovski was singing the Macedonian national anthem at the protest before the incident, and later joined protesters in the main hall.

In related news, Zaev too applied for Amnesty, at this point, for the SDS criminal this has become a habit.

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