Organ harvesting in Macedonia a fact, police is involved


Several Skopje neighborhoods have started citizens patrol, some months ago, others are joining in.
Today, the neighborhood of Dame Gruev within the municipality of Gjorce Petrov have started citizens patrol after 7pm.

All of this is an effort to prevent kidnappings of individuals across the country, but particularly in Macedonia’s capital – Skopje where it has reached near epidemic levels. The target appear to be citizens as young as 15, but not older than 45.

The latest case was with Daniela Pecevska, mother of three, from Dracevo who disappeared in the Skopje suburb of Aerodrom while shopping around 9pm. Her body was found 5 days later, floating in Vardar. She was missing both kidneys. Police has no comment.

Things are looking quite bad for the Government junta and the criminal police who have made zero arrests yet freed over 2,500 hardened criminals (out of which 450 were turned into policemen). People are taking matters in their own hands, and are not only not expecting anything from police rather are looking at “policemen” as doing the kidnapping.

Recall the beating of “3 off duty policemen” in Shuto Orizari. The three ethnic Albanian policemen had no IDs on them, did not identify as policemen, drove unmarked car without license plates and had rope and shovel in their vehicle. The beaten policemen had criminal records with two having spent time in jail and are part of Zaev’s “amnesty” for criminals. A legitimate policemen in Shuto Orizari was tipped off about kidnappers in their neighborhood which is how they were spotted – the entire neighborhood was on the lookout.

Organ harvesting is a lucrative option for criminals turned policemen who have spent time behind bars and are in need of quick money.

MINA finds that indeed, these three ethnic Albanian policemen were in fact planning on kidnapping their next victim for organ harvesting. Despite the savage beatings the kidnappers received, at no point the trio told the crowd they were policemen or what they were doing there. Why would this be? It also explains the beatings they received, both parties involved knew who these ‘policemen’ were and what they were up to.

We could not verify that MoI’s Spasovski is involved with this operation, however the fact that the MoI was eerily silent after the incident and took over 24 hrs to provide a cover story that this trio was allegedly protecting an SDS official in the neighborhood can lead to only one conclusion. No other information was ever provided on the case.

Macedonian police are not just not investigating any cases, but have no interest to do so, have not provided information on any of the hundreds of cases since 2017. Since yesterday MoI disconnected their phone line for reporting a missing person!

In Zaevistan, don’t walk alone after 7pm.