OSCE gets involved to save Zaev from Court Appearance


Zaev’s Court Appearance for accepting 163,000 euros in bribes by a Strumica businessman has been postponed for the ninth time.
This time, quite shockingly, it was OSCE who stepped in to save Zaev from appearing in Court.

It is as if this a Crime Syndicate network. Previously, multiple foreign Embassies have stepped in to prevent Courts from starting the bribery case against Zaev. It was the Italian, Swedish, US, French and German embassies who all made up meetings for Zaev to attend on the day the Court date was scheduled well ahead of time. Clearly, he is being assisted and this is very obvious even to those who don’t wish to see.

Today, OSCE officials from their office in Skopje sent a note requesting to meet with Zaev at 7am to discuss the Parliament incident, while his Court appearance was at 8am.
Using this ‘invite’, Zaev skipped yet another Court appearance.