Over 100 Macedonian Scientists, Historians, Professors say Agreement with Bulgaria Meaningless, Irrelevant


Over 100 Macedonian Academics, Scientists and Professors have signed a letter stating the political games currently underway by a treasonous Government and resulting in various agreements with Greece and Bulgaria are completely meaningless and legally not binding in any shape or form.

In the letter, it states that the Macedonian Government is politically interpreting historical facts which are already set in stone and cannot be revised, reshaped or rewritten as this would lead to complete avoidance of scientific, ethical and moral principles.

In addition, the ‘recommendations’ of official Skopje have discriminated against the accepted and scientifically based narrative of the cultural, national and political history of Macedonia, represented by Macedonian and other scholars of international reputation.

Although the history of Macedonia and the Macedonians is multidimensional and covers several historical eras and civilizational constellations (ancient, medieval, modern, contemporary), in the Macedonian Government’s “recommendations…” quite purposefully entire eras of national, regional and international importance are marginalized – says the letter.