Over 15,000 Macedonians attend protest against name negotiations by illegal Government


Despite freezing snow conditions, more than 15,000 people took part in Tuesday’s protest to defend the constitutional name of Macedonia. Despite the bad weather and the pressures faced by those who wanted to attend the all-Macedonian protest in Skopje, a huge number of citizens found themselves on the streets of the city in order to defend the name of the state and the identity of the nation.

Most participants in the protest waved Macedonian flags and sing Macedonian songs, with an occasional burning of a Greek flag.

Protesters from other cities also made the hazardous trips to the capital to attend the protest. Some faced pressures both during the journey and before going to Skopje. Particularly in the press, the employees in the public administration complain that they were threatened that they should not attend the All-Macedonian protest.

Demonstrators demand an end to the name talks, the withdrawal of the Law on the Use of Languages, the withdrawal of the treasonous agreement on “good neighborly” relations with Bulgaria and the release of detainees for the events in Parliament on April 27.

Lastly, the rather shocking image of policemen armed with AK47 was surprising, particularly considering the protest was peaceful attended by hundreds of women and children. However, since an illegal criminal junta is in charge of the Macedonian Government, the AK47 perhaps are not that surprising.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Da ziveje Makedonia!!!! Imeto nema da se menit, Albanski nema da se priznaj kako oficalen jazik i tije sto rabotat protiv Makedonskiot narod, ke ja osetat celata sila od onije sto ja sakat nasata drzava i go branat identot Makedonski. Ova nepravilnost skoro ke se izbrishi od nasata sakan drzava i luda historiaj.