Owner of Exchange Office kills two SDS thugs who tried to rob business


Skopje is becoming the wild west.
MINA through employees in the Ministry of Interior has found that policemen have been issued executive order by SDS’ Oliver Spasovski that the mafia with ties to the Zaev clan cannot be touched.

As a result, Skopje has seen more murders in three months than in the past 6 years combined.
The latest murder occurred in the Skopje suburb of Aerodrom after two SDS thugs picked an exchange office to racket.
The owner of the business did not wish to part ways with his money and shot both thugs dead. The owner was also injured during the exchange of fire.

Similarly to every other murder before, the SDS junta and its police did not release any information of the thugs. Skopje media reports both are well known SDS activists who have robbed businesses in the past, one of them identified as D.B. served a prison sentence however was released quietly by Zaev prior to the elections to intimidate businesses and people.

  • jj

    Excellent job by the business owner – doing the work that the police and government won’t – and that is get criminals off the streets.