Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children sue Macedonian Ministry of Health


An association of parents who refuse to vaccinate their children initiated a lawsuit in front of the Administrative Court against the order by healthcare and education ministers Venko Filipce and Arbr Ademi, who ban their children from attending public schools.

The constitutional right of these children to mandatory education is being violated. We can’t have children uneducated in the 21st century. The Education Minister refuses to respect the Constitution. Vaccination is mandatory, but it is not a condition to attend elementary education. Besides, action should have been taken sooner, instead of forcing 7 year old kids to take vaccines meant at nine months, said Zvonko Davidovic, the lawyer representing the families.

Vaccination rates dropped dramatically in past years, to some extent owing to a series of blunders by Minister Filipce, which undermined public trust in the process. Filipce responded to the lawsuit insisting that the order will stand and the schools will remain closed for unvaccinated children.

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