PM Baily offers ‘freedom’, cash, removal of his SPO team in exchange for name change


PM Baily’s rep Zoran Zaev admits the SDS has control of the Courts in a Parliament speech, offers “amnesty” to VMRO MPs and other patriots in prison on made up charges in exchange for their votes in Parliament (this was always part of the plan, it is why 50+ people were locked up, to be used as a bargaining chip). For months Zaev continually lied that VMRO MPs were seeking amnesty, only for him to be making the offer.

What a Wonderful Day

Image may contain: 3 people, meme and textAfter Zaev, DUI criminal Artan Grubi asked VMRO MPs to vote, comparing them and their vote to visionaries, to those of Jesus, Mohamed, Isaac Newton, Kopernik, Tesla, Bell, Pitagora. Just when everyone in Parliament thought they can breath a sigh of relief, Grubi continued … Goce Delcev, Pitu Guli, Sandanski, Skenderbeg, Hasan Prishtina, Adem Jashari, Ataturk… causing laughter in Parliament.

Why not mix up albanian terrorists with Macedonian revolutionaries, astronomers, physicists…Grubi’s horrendously idiotic speech lasted for 15 minutes. 70 other MPs sought the right to speak today.

At the moment there is a competition of sorts who is going to come up with the most ridiculous speech in Parliament. We’re quite certain Zaev lead the way, but then Grubi and Tufegdzic took his spot. Tufegdzich is also busy on Facebook as the charades in Parliament continue…

The speeches were meant to buy more time.
Parliament has concluded today’s sessions, a vote for name-change didn’t take place (as predicted yesterday) due to the fact they don’t have the votes. It will continue tomorrow, and the day after… PM Baily needs more time and up the cash offers to MPs.

Today, in an effort to change the name, Baily’s junta offered the following:
– $2.5m to each MP for a vote
– Removal of all madeup charges against everyone
– Removal of unconstitutional SPO

It is not clear why are VMRO MPs even attending this charade in Parliament!

  • Maco

    Fark me. This is unbelievable. Crazy zaev and his band of traitors, criminals and terrorists openly bribe VMRO politicians in Parliament. What is President Ivanov waiting for? Is he not able to do anything? He is the head of the state. Surely he cannot allow crazy zaev to destroy the country and eradicate the macedonian identity and history. If Pres Ivanov cannot do anything then there is only two things that can save Macedonia and the Macedonian people. One is hanging all the traitors, criminals and terrorists. The second is a people uprising to take back control of the country. I like the first one the most.

    • Legenda Patriot

      Yes, really can’t understand how much more of these retarded antics people have to endure. Surely Ivanov can start cleaning up. The place is a laughing stock and the circus has to be run out of town with all the imbeciles locked up in the caravans heading for a deep gorge.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Zajko has accumulated three life times of jail sentences so far. So has terrorist Jess Baily.
    What a crazy crazy place… the Parliament is like a farking bazaar, people offer money, offer that farking judge Kacarska will remove their sentence (weren’t courts independent?) what the hell is going on… then you have the farking shiptari singing foreign anthems… they should be lined up Chaushesku style against a wall and run over with tanks.

  • Only Liberty Matters

    Sorry to say there is no honour in Macedonia and the people don’t honour being Macedonian, Saying all that, the Macedonian heroes and all the Macedonian ancestors who fought for Macedonian nationhood are rolling in there graves.